"I wasn’t sure what to expect from this workshop, in fact I was a little nervous about writing in front of strangers. At first it was a little daunting, and then the words began to flow. It was such a liberating feeling to be able to let me mind freefall and not worry too much about what the words sounded like when they were read aloud. I was surprised by my own confidence, having always sheltered my words from others or having always felt very daunted when reading aloud in writing workshops in the past. I felt very grounded and supported in this workshop. Love the meditation in the beginning and the way it was hosted. I feel it really was just about the writing and it's not too overcomplicated."




"I loved being with other writers in silence. I will take home increased confidence (in my writing), greater ease in reading my words aloud, and a knowledge of the benefits of silence and meditation."



"I learned that I have to be patient and that creativity is there, but easily blocked when I become judgemental.  If that voice in my head sparks up with “you’re too slow, what you write is boring, what is the point of this” then writing is hard, and not enjoyable.  However, when I get into the flow and managed to sidestep that voice, or just not pay attention to it, the process is very enjoyable and I’m enticed by what might come to the surface."                   




"Believe it or not I enjoyed the silent writing, and reading aloud with no criticism was great."







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